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Introducing "Researchers Circular Trip" to UNIVIQ, UAL and KTH Learned lessons for the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences members

  • 08.26.2018

 As a part of Develop Business and Economic Research Centers Capacity at Palestinian Higher Education Institutions "BERC" project on 26th  August 2018 conducting workshop for sharing the experiences gained during "Researchers Circular Trip" that was conducted in last June 2018 for several European partner universities in project, (L Aquila-Italy, Almeria-Spain, Royal institution of technology-Sweden).

Dr. Wael Al Daya- BERC project manager introduced his presentation about learned lessons. The main goal of this trip was exchange of experiences in the fields of managing research centers, dissemination project deliverables and teaching research methodology course.

The trip for University of L'Aquila- Italy takes two weeks, during this trip there was several points to be introduced and discussed during the workshop as; the scientific research conducted based on the market need through research groups managed in highly effective way in which regular meeting conducted between the research group members and the searched groups, each group have its timetable to follow and its member have tasks to accomplish , detailed needs assessment conducted for each group,

Research skills develop through optionally training courses, the researcher may need this course before being a member in a research group. Administration and economic sciences are integrated with energy and technology sciences since there is no faculty of economic or business administration.  Master and Ph.D. program is the same, which following the concept of 'multidisciplinary'. Research center act as a Technology Transfer Office and serve the university as one unit, the center have assigned budget from the budget of the university. The center follows external relations affairs because of its importance in external liaison.

In addition to all mentioned above, there is a recognizable improvement in Scientific Research Methodology whether at Bachelor degree level or master degree level. By which the methodology divided into two main courses, one focuses on skills or practical the other focuses on theory (research process from philosophy to data collection and analysis, research problem, research paradigm, qualitative and quantitative research and data collection and analysis skills).

For Royal Institute of Technology- Sweden learned lessons, there is a great similarity between UNIVIQ procedures in managing scientific research.

For the last station, University of Almeria- Spain, the trip includes field visit for university campus, university administration to learn more about management approaches, several research centers, central library to know how the library managed, cajamar bank and business incubator.




BERC - Develop Business and Economic Research Centers Capacity at Palestinian Higher Education Institutions

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