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Annual Research Colloquium for Business and Economic Research Centers

The first Annual Student Research Colloquium aims to give students form the participating university the opportunity to present and discuss their research work with their peers, professor and key stakeholders in the local community. In addition, the event will enable them to deeply discuss the results of their research with key stakeholders and get valuable feedback. On the one hand, the feedback is expected to maintain the student's research ideas and skills and on the other hand, the stakeholders including; researchers, private sector representatives, public institutions and NGOs will benefit from the research outputs.

Therefore, the event will help achieving the following objectives:

·         To improve the quality of research outputs at partner universities.

·         To integrate and engage key stakeholders in producing unique research results relevant to community needs. 

·         To give the students with the opportunity to get valuable feedback and comments about their research work and hence redirect the scope of work to new paths.

·         To equip the students with the skills and tools for public speaking.

·         To allow the students to be exposed to their peers’ research work in areas beyond their academic discipline.

·         To help faculties to strengthen their relationships with local industries.

 From the very beginning, the event will bring students from partner universities together with professor, peers and stakeholders to cohesively discuss their research works. The event will form a unique platform for students to share experience and receive relevant feedback that could strengthen the quality and impact of research outputs

Furthermore, the event will contribute to redirecting the scope of the research being conducted to tackle real community needs and solve real problems facing the local environment.

Target Groups:

The students who are going to take part in the event can be the following:

1.      Students who defended their thesis during the last academic year.

2.      Students who registered their research proposal during the last academic year.

3.      Students who are currently developing their research proposals.


In coordination with deanship of research and graduate studies at the Islamic University of Gaza, BERC will collaborate with relevant units at partner universities to carry out the event. BERC gives high priority to integrate various stakeholders from the local market into the event including private sector institutions, NGOs, INGOs, Gov. Institutions ... etc.   


In the light of BERC project outcomes the Deanship of Research and Graduate Studies at the Islamic University of Gaza will adopt a new policy to ensure the periodic arrangement of the Annual Research Colloquium. The policy will confirm the arrangement of the event at least one time per annum.


Annual Research Colloquium Agenda

Annual Research Colloquium Presentations 






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