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Foreseen Deliverables 

1) Researchers and management staff qualifications is enhanced

BERC staff and other researchers qualifications will be enhanced and developed through conducting study visits, and courses so that BERCs staff supervision skills will be enhanced as well as their management beside research skills for young researchers and professors. The researchers will be given the opportunity to participate at the final meeting, via video-conference, organized in the frame of this project and be able to present their research work. This will not only offer them new insights in the topic of quality in research but also open up to them the possibilities to gain new contacts and strengthen their own network. Besides its main target group – the academic world (scientific community) – the initiative also aims at increasing the awareness of the benefit of qualitatively high research outputs for society as a whole among the public opinion. Therefore several dissemination activities will be designed and implemented in order to be able to communicate the aims and goals to all necessary stakeholders in a sustainable manner.

 2) BERC standards for research methodology curriculum 

In order to reach the optimal level of research standards implantation, we should at first focus on building the students’ basic so that they can grow up with solid research standards and later on compete with their EUs students. Extensive training will be given to curriculum teachers to increase their ability in delivering the right research skills and qualifications.


BERC - Develop Business and Economic Research Centers Capacity at Palestinian Higher Education Institutions