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Conducting Scientific Day Titled "Business and Economic Research Philosophy"as a part of Develop the Capacity of Business and Economic Research Centers at Palestinian Higher Education Institutions "BERC"

  • 05.08.2018


On Tuesday 8th of May 2018, Develop the Capacity of Business and Economic Research Centers at Palestinian Higher Education Institutions "BERC"  project was held the scientific day at the Islamic University titled by: " Business and Economics Research Philosophy ". The scientific day comes within the activities of the "BERC" project cofounded by European Commission under "Erasmus Plus" program.

The scientific day was held in the presence of Prof. Hamdi Zorub, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Commerce, Dr. Waseem Al-Habill, Vice Dean, Community Service & Continuing Education and BERC project team, a group of researchers and participants from Palestinian universities, and a number of faculty members and graduate students


Opening Session

In his speech before the opening session of the scientific day, Prof. Zorub explained that the scientific day aims at highlighting the importance of scientific research in various fields, since it have a great importance to the majority of countries and is one of the best ways to rely on development and excellence, Professor Zorub added that,  scientific research offers many benefits and experiences of individuals and society, and is a way to describe a situation, and interpreted it accurately.

Prof. Zorub noted that the developed world recognized the importance of scientific research as a major center for progress and development in all fields and as a factor for development. Consequently, it built many scientific research and publishing centers, sponsoring scientists and innovators and assigning  budgets for scientific research.

He also explained the need for the private sector to pay attention to the culture of scientific research and methods to obtain valuable results and achieve the economic growth of the institution, he added that, the scientific day is an area for research and studies dealing with methods of scientific research, and how to collect and analyze data.

Dr. Al-Habil outlined that the scientific day is the coronation of the BERC project that aimed at reviewing how to write research in the field of business administration, accounting and economics in Palestinian universities. He pointed out that the results of graduate research are quantitative statistical research only and do not rely on qualitative data.


First Session

The first session was held under the title "Quantitative Research and Research Philosophy". It was lead by Prof. Jabr Al-Daour- Al-Azhar University of Gaza.  Dr. Sabri Mushtha of Al-Quds Open University, Dr. Firas Shehadeh- University of Gaza, introduced the mechanisms and procedures of using the experimental approach in accounting research, and Dr. Naeem Abu Ghalwa- Al-Quds Open University presented the common mistakes in the use of statistical measures and methods of postgraduate students in Palestinian universities and ways of reducing them. Dr. Zaher Almshahraoa- Al Quds Open University explained how to use value stream maps as a method of preparing scientific research. Dr. Wassim Al-Habil discussed the philosophy of positive and explanatory research a way of thinking and practice in the field of public administration.

Second Session

The second scientific session was held under the title: "Qualitative research and big data". It was lead by Dr. Mohammed Salem- University College of Applied Sciences.  Ms. Dalia Younis-  The Islamic University of Gaza  highlighted the reality of business accelerators in increasing the chances of success of leading companies in the Gaza Strip A study of the case, the accelerating of business (Gaza Sky Geecks), Dr. Malath Al-Agha- The Islamic University of Gaza explaining the analysis of the speech (Discourse Analysis) as an analytical tool in business and economic, Mr. Osama Abu Dahrouj and Mr. Khalid Qashqash,- Al Quds Open University, explained the implementation of big data in research and business, a practical study, Dr. Iyad Al-Agha-  The Islamic University of Gaza, pointed out the use of big data in commercial research. Companies on voluntary disclosure, applied study on companies listed on Palestine Stock Exchange, applied study using analytical method.

Third Session

The third and the last scientific session was held under the title: "Qualitative Research and Scientific Research initialization", headed by Dr. Jalal Shabat- Al-Quds Open University, and a research team led by Dr. Wael Al-Daya and Mr. Mohamed Eid- The Islamic University, Dr. Mohammed Al-Ashi- The Islamic University,  Dr. Wael Al-Daya explained a research paper entitled "Institutionalization of Business & Economic Research Groups in cooperation with Private Sector", Eng. Hatem Sultan discussed research paper entitled by "Institutionalization of Business & Economic Research Centers in cooperation with other Research Institutes"  Eng. Amani Al-Maqadma- The Islamic University introduced "The Sustainability of Business & Economic Research Centers in Academic Institutes"  


BERC - Develop Business and Economic Research Centers Capacity at Palestinian Higher Education Institutions

DISCLAIMER: This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author,  and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.