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The International Relations Department held a workshop to transfer expertise in the implementation of international multi-partnership projects

  • 02.04.2018

As a part of the follow-up of implementation of international projects at the Islamic University of Gaza and to ensure the transfer of expertise in the implementation of such projects; External Relations Departments held a workshop to follow up on existing international projects that were funded by the European Erasmus Plus program.

The workshop was attended by Dr. Wael Al-Daya - Director of the BERC Project, Dr. Rawia Awadallah - Project Manager ROMOR, Dr. Sadiq Abdel Aal, UniGov Project Manager, Dr. Alaa Al-Halis - Director of BITPAL Project, Ahmed Mohsen - Dean of External Relations, in addition to the working group in each of these projects in addition to projects that received funding from the program Erasmus Plus 2017.

Dr. Wael Al-Daya presented the progress of implementation of BERC (Develop Business and Economic Research Centers Capacity at Palestinian Higher Education Institutions) and how this project had supported the improvement of the quality of education, especially the scientific research, and the development of business and the research capabilities of its staff. Dr. Al Daya also presented the obstacles encountered in the implementation of the project and travel to European partner was one of the most important obstacles.



BERC - Develop Business and Economic Research Centers Capacity at Palestinian Higher Education Institutions

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