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Developing Business and Economic Research Centers Capacities at Higher Education Centers” BERC” held Project Committee’s Ninth Meeting

  • 11.02.2017

Business and Economic Research Centers at Palestinian Higher Education Institutions Project “BERC” has held the 9th project’s committee meeting on Thursday 02 November 2017 in the Islamic university of Gaza, with the presence of all partner universities; Al-Azhar university and  University College of Applied Sciences concurrently with University of Huddersfield- UK , and with the presence of the west bank’s universities; Al-Quds Open University, and Birzeit University and the European universities; L'Aquila University- Italy, Royal Institute of Technology- Sweden and  University of Almeria-Spain, and it was held via skype.

At the beginning, Dr.Wasim El Habil –IUG presented a welcome address then HUD organizer welcomed the audience in HUD and IUG.

The meeting begin with a follow up presentation on the previous meeting (8th Management Meeting) by Eng. Amani El Maqadma- IUG and the attendees from HUD suggested opening the discussion and to determine the actions to be done, the responsible partner and the deadlines. 

The meeting included some presentations by the projects partner universities about the progress in the projects implementation as follows; Dr.Samia Al Botmeh presented Birzeit University, Yousef Sabbah presented Al-Quds Open University, Dr. Mahmood Sabra presented Al-Azhar University, Eng. Hatem Abu-Sultan presented the UCAS and Dr.Wael Al Daya presented the Islamic University of Gaza.

International conference in Gaza committees constitutes, EU partners role and PS partners' role and research colloquium also discussed during this meeting.

Eng. Amani El Maqadma introduced upcoming activities until the end of project and reporting requirements, timelines from the partners till the end of the project. She talked about the additional activities added after restructuring the budget as follow:

  • Research colloquium (1 one in Gaza and one in the west bank) (IUG and BZU)
  • National workshops (2 one in Gaza and one in the west bank) (AUG and QOU)
  • Final conference (Gaza) IUG
  • Round trip for Gaza strip participants

The second part of Eng. Al Maqadma presentation was about reporting requirements.

Dr. Wasim El Habil- IUG presented the research HUB activation and protocols presentation, the activation will be through repeating the DataStream training session that was conducted on 18 October 2017 by the DataStream provider Thomson Reuters as depicted in Dr. Al Daya presentation.  Dr. Al Daya will deliver the DataStream training session in cooperation with West Bank partners. 



BERC - Develop Business and Economic Research Centers Capacity at Palestinian Higher Education Institutions

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