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National Erasmus + Country Representative Dr. Nedal Jayossi visited the Islamic University of Gaza to hold the 1st field monitoring mission.

  • 04.26.2017

The first field-monitoring mission led by Dr. Nidal Jayossi aimed mainly to measure the project progress and to ensure that implementation is proceeding as planned. Dr. Jayossi started by thanking the project team for the efforts exerted on implementing the planned project activities. Dr. Jayossi highlighted that all the project which are currently co-funded by the EU will host three field monitoring visits; the first visit is an advisory visit to inform the partners with the importance of signing partnership agreement, the second visit is a control visit to investigate the level of project completion and the third one will be related to the evaluation of the project and the performance and its impact to institutional and National level.

He added that this project is the only one running in the field of developing business and economic research centers out of the total 41 projects co- funded by EU currently. On the level of mobility obstacles, he clarified that they do not have the needed political power to get permits from Israel nor to get no-objection from Jordan to facilitate movement of Gaza participants. However, they are trying through the administrative affairs (e.g. embassies) to help in this matter.

Finally, Dr. Jayossi asked Dr. Wael Daya to provide brief presentation on the implementation of the project, any bottlenecks and the recommendations to solve the bottlenecks.

 The main discussion points were as follows:

1.      Coordination and communication for the project with the local, national and EU partners.

2.      Improving the project implementation process.

3.      Project bottlenecks.


BERC - Develop Business and Economic Research Centers Capacity at Palestinian Higher Education Institutions

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