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The National workshop titled by" Engagement of the Local Community Institutions and Private Sector at the Business and Economic Research in the Palestinian Higher Education Institutions"

  • 04.12.2017

UCAS holding the national workshop for Engagement of the Local Community Institutions and Private Sector in at Business and Economic Research at Palestinian Higher Education Institutions"

The meeting Agenda: 

Prof. Rifat Rustom ,the director of UCAS,welcomed the attended partners, and Dr. Wael El Daya, the project manager, introduced BERC project. Moreover, Dr. Wasim Al Habil expressed the  role of the economic research centers emerged from BERC project, and Dr. Khalid Dahleez explained the needs of the private sector and linking them to academic outputs.   

Comments and Recommendations  

  • * Reducing the loads of academics in Palestinian universities.
  • * Linking the scientific promotion of the researcher to the number of research projects financed by the private sector.
  • * Enhancing the trust between universities and private sector through research partnerships.
  • * Providing funded research services and exploiting intellectual property
  • * Adopting a model coordinate the relationship between the private sector and the academic sector.
  • *Identifying national priorities for scientific research and to prioritize them within a national strategic plan.
  • * Developing common understandings between the private sector and universities.


BERC - Develop Business and Economic Research Centers Capacity at Palestinian Higher Education Institutions

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