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The formation of research groups within the project of developing the capacities of the Business and Economic Research Centers at Higher Education Centers institutions in Palestine "BERC"

  • 03.22.2017

The Faculty of Commerce represented by the project’s administration held a discussion session that included teachers of masters’ programs from all departments of the Faculty of Commerce to talk about the formation of research teams which are part of the project’s activities.
Dr. Wael Al-Dayea spoke briefly about the project, its objectives, its activities and its outputs.

Dr. Khalid Dahleez discussed the importance of forming research teams in different fields, which are integral part of the institutionalization of scientific research. He proposed that four to five research teams have be formed, with each group having at least three members with different interests.

Dr. Dahleez completed the discussion on mechanisms to preserve continuity and that it will be useful if privileged students holding or studying Master Degrees review scientific researches and publications and provide us with the study they reached during their review.

It was mentioned during this session that there are obstacles to be taken into consideration and that there are initiatives that take place in the university but cannot be achieved for one reason or another.

All agreed on that each member has to present three titles for research teams with different interests. The meeting will be followed by the selection of the top five titles for these research teams.


BERC - Develop Business and Economic Research Centers Capacity at Palestinian Higher Education Institutions

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