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Concluding Training Week Activities of "Development of Administrative and Economic Researches Centers at Higher Education Institutes in Palestine"

  • 11.25.2016

 “Development of Administrative and Economic Research Centers in Higher Education Institutions in Palestine Project "BERC" funded by the European Union within Erasmus + program, concluded training week activities in scientific publishing and networking field at the Islamic University of Gaza, in coincidence with the Royal Institute KTH- Sweden. The last meeting included the completion of training presentations in the field of networking and scientific publishing, that was in coincidence with project commission’s third meeting, which was attended by representatives of partner universities in Gaza, namely: Al-Azhar University, Al-Quds Open University- Gaza Branch, and University College of Applied Sciences.


Training presentations of the last day discussed several activities including: research platform of the Royal Institute of Technology KTH- Sweden by Dr. Victor Kordas; scientific publications by Dr. Joseph Nasser- of Bir Zeit University; networking by Dr. Waseem Alhabeel- Representative of the Islamic University of Gaza at the Royal Institute of Technology; and infrastructure and scientific publishing presented by Dr. Mrgarita Vathali.

The committee’s third meeting talked about activities that have been achieved during the previous period presented by Dr. Wael Al Daya – Project Manager, while Eng. Amani Al-Makadmeh, Project Councilor, shed light on expected activities to be achieved during the coming period and tasks distribution on partner universities. She also addressed media plan for the project. The meeting concluded with talking about quality of project’s plan Mohammed Saleh- from the Royal Institute of technology.


BERC - Develop Business and Economic Research Centers Capacity at Palestinian Higher Education Institutions

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