Event  Place  
21-22 March 2016 Kick-Off Meeting IUG, Gaza
08 June 2016 Needs Assessment Matrix   IUG and UNIVIQ
27 June 2016 Lunching BERC Website IUG, Gaza
29 June 2016 Second Management Meeting IUG, Gaza
21-25 November 2016   Training Week- Stockholm KTH, Stockholm
25 November 2016   Third Management Meeting IUG, Gaza and KTH, Stockholm
27 December 2016 IUG Visit for AUG  AUG, Gaza 
28 December 2016 IUG Visit for UCAS UCAS, Gaza
11 February 2017  Institutional Workshop at QOU QOU, West Bank
15 February 2017 Fourth Management Meeting IUG, Gaza
05 March 2017 UCAS Visit IUG IUG, Gaza
05 March 2017 Faculty Deans Workshop IUG, Gaza
07 March 2017               Faculty of Commerce Staff Members Workshop                   IUG, Gaza
13 March 2017 IUG Visit for AUG  AUG, Gaza
21 March 2017 Berziet Visit for QOU QOU, West Bank
22 March 2017 Forming Research Groups IUG, Gaza
04 April 2014 National Workshop  UCAS, Gaza










BERC - Develop Business and Economic Research Centers Capacity at Palestinian Higher Education Institutions

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